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Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

the typical home inspection

A home inspection is a non-invasive, objective, visual inspection of apparent conditions of readily visible, readily accessible installed systems and components of a home from roof to foundation. There are many benefits to having a home inspection performed, the least of which are savings in money and peace of mind. A home inspection also provide you with better understanding of the property conditions you are buying or selling.

The Role of Our Home Inspectors is to:

  •     Encourage clients to accompany the inspector during the inspection          
  •     Educate the client                                                                 
  •     Address any of the clients concerns and answer all questions                      
  •     Point out issues as they are uncovered and explain in understandable language
  •     Explain how systems work and what routine maintenance is needed

Value-Added Inspection

In this challenging real estate market, clients need to get a good return on their investment. Therefore, Excellence takes our role as home inspectors very seriously, and as general rule, we utilize two certified inspectors on all our inspections. This assures our clients that they are getting value with respect to time and knowledge.

Components of a Home Inspection

Excellence professional home inspectors are New York State licensed and are fully trained in the proper operation of all home systems and components. The Home Inspection Report is clearly

written and easy to understand. It also includes color photographs that are taking during the inspection to highlight issues and illustrate items in the report.

Structural Components: Foundation, Floors, Walls

Exterior Components: Siding, Paint, Windows, Decks, Garage Doors, Retaining Walls

Other Components: Stoops, Stairs, Railings, Porches, Walkways, Driveway, Grading and Drainage

Roofing: Coverings, Gutters, Downspouts, Flashing, Trim, Chimney, Skylights

Plumbing: Piping, Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets, Water Heating, Fuel Storage Systems

Electrical: Wiring, Main Panels, Sub-Panels, Breakers and Fuses, Conductors, Switches, Receptacles, GFCIs and AFCI, Grounding and bonding 

Heating: Equipment, Safety Controls, Distribution System, Chimney, Fireplace

Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps: Equipment Controls, Ducting

Interior: Ceiling, Floors, Steps, Railing, Doors, Windows, Smoke Detectors, Fireplace

Insulation & Ventilation: Attics, Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, Crawlspace, Walls, Floors